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Efficient and professional gutter cleaning services throughout East Devon and the nearby areas.
Gutter cleaning is an all year round operation, which is designed to keep your roof line in perfect condition whatever the weather. The idea of gutter clearing may seem simple. Without the experience, equipment and understanding which our operators have, you risk injury or further cost by missing the tell tale signs of repairs.
Why is it important to have your gutters cleared?

Full and blocked gutters can cause water to overflow and run down your walls. This water can cause brick damage and damp on the inside of your property which can lead to mould. Once the damp sets in these are very expensive problems to fix.

Full gutters can also cause damage to the gutter themselves and you could end up having to repair or replace them. We can clean and empty your gutters from as little as £25.00.

Busy Bees use a gutter vacuum cleaning system that allows us to clean up to four stories high from the ground. No need for expensive scaffolding and ladders. Cleaning can be carried out with precision as the on-board camera sends a live video feed to the screen at ground level. The powerful vacuum sucks out any debris leaving your gutters clear, clean and effective.
Window Cleaner Exmouth High tech gutter cleaning equiptment
Window Cleaner Exmouth Cost effective solution, saving you money on scaffolding
Window Cleaner Exmouth Working throughout Exmouth and the surrounding areas
Window Cleaner Exmouth Many years' experience in the window cleaning industry
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