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Window Cleaner Devon
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Welcome to Busy Bees Window Cleaning.
We provide high tech professional window cleaning services to the businesses and residents of Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth & the rest of East Devon. Get in touch today on 01395 269 735.
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Take A Look At Our Window Cleaning Services
Our friendly and experienced team work throughout Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth and the surrounding areas of East Devon providing commercial and domestic customers with a high quality window cleaning service.
Window Cleaner Devon
We have a dedicated fully equipped mobile team who take care of the regular window cleaning of communal areas for many businesses and office premises.
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Window Cleaner Devon
Busy Bees are well known for their attention to detail. Our first visit will include a thorough, intense clean of all frames and surrounds.
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Window Cleaner Devon
Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow and run down your walls.  This can damage your brick work and lead to damp on the inside of your house.
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Window Cleaner Devon
Solar Panels
The cleaner your solar panel, the more power it will generate.
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Window Cleaner Devon
Pressure Washing
Busy Bees offers a professional and efficient pressure washing service.
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Window Cleaner Devon
Cleaning Services
We offer end of tenancy cleaning for individuals and estate agents.
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Pure Water
At Busy Bees we use the power of science to bring you a natural, highly effective cleaning solution. Our system uses several processes with the goal of making the purest demineralised water. Once the pure water is applied to your windows it returns to its natural impure state, whilst absorbing the dirt. The dirt infused water is then rinsed off with more pure water resulting in a sparkling clear and streak free finish.
Hot Water
We have invested in the best technology available to ensure that we can provide the highest quality results for our clients.  Unlike many other systems, our system not only purifies the water, but it heats the water too.  The benefit of this being that the hot water softens and removes deeply engrained dirt more effectively.
Windows stay cleaner for longer
Impurities in tap water can leave a film on the glass which encourages dirt to adhere to it. Thanks to our pure hot water solution, windows look better for longer.
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